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The Milky Way – map, navigate and accelerate change

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This book is in English ISBN 978-91-97711937.
If you are looking for the Swedish book Vintergatan, please change language!

The modern organisational world – with short product cycles, new competitors, new partnerships and new value propositions – presents a navigational challenge. Organisations need to be better at responding to customer and client demands, quickly changing direction, adapting and developing.
How can we make the right decision to achieve the desired result? How do we effectively combine different types of information and analyses? How can we accelerate change?
This book explains, in a simple, systematic and pedagogical manner, how you can use The Milky Way, to build a true anchor model for your enterprise. It will give you a solid foundation on which to build a better understanding of how all parts of your enterprise collaborate to embrace innovation, generate customer value and safeguard an understanding of what needs to be improved throughout your organisation and why.
The Milky Way will become a navigational tool for your enterprise – a rapid, visual method for better decision making.
Enjoy the journey! And please do contact us with any points of view or questions regarding The Milky Way, if you would like to join one of our seminars or meet us to discuss your organisation’s needs – and how The Milky Way could be used to satisfy them,

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