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Our ambition is that is the place where you will find tools, methods and ideas for your business and business development. The site is under re-design and therefore not filled with all content.

Map, navigate and accelerate change
This book explains, in a simple, systematic and pedagogical manner, how you can use The Milky Way, to build a true anchor model for your enterprise. It will give you a solid foundation on which to build a better understanding of how all parts of your enterprise collaborate to embrace innovation, generate customer value and safeguard an understanding of what needs to be improved throughout your organization and why.

Visual business development
In this module you will find the basics of modern business development with the Business Model Canvas method, train yourself to become a master in developing different business logic and modelling.

How do you describe the world around you?
Describing and analyzing external trends and changes is a prerequisite for a sustainable business. Here you get a structured and easy method that gives you a quick overview of what is important for your business.

Develop your customer proposition
Developing or adapting an offer to a specific customer segment is often the difference between success and failure. In this module you get a structured innovation method that creates new insights into how an attractive offer is developed.

Create differentiation
Most businesses are experiencing increasingly tough competition and are seeking alternative market positions. In this module you get an understanding and insight for differentiation and then explore the boundaries of the market.

Use established designs or innovate new ones?
Business development is difficult and risky, why make all mistakes yourself? Instead, learn from others and innovate exactly the pattern combination that works for you.

Strategy development is not complicated!
But it is difficult, especially difficult is to abandon what may look like opportunities. We use a method that makes the job easier, to focus on what is important and what is needed by your organization.

Realization of a business
Realization is about realizing what has only existed in the thought world or on a piece of paper. It’s like a big puzzle where both pieces and the whole picture are as important as getting all employees engaged in the change, Milky Way is the method that does just that.